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10 Completely Natural Methods to Try to Alleviate Anxiety Without Resorting to Anxiolytics

Avoid hypoglycemia
Iron deficiency
Processed food
Selective elimination
Eliminate simple sugars
Breathing exercises
Balanced lifestyle

Today, we are talking about anxiety, and I will give you 10 methods to try to alleviate anxiety, completely natural methods before resorting to anxiolytics.

When you go to a psychiatrist or a psychologist, and they recommend a psychiatrist, and the psychiatrist finds that you have episodes of anxiety, most of the time, they will recommend cognitive therapy to search for the psychological cause of anxiety that may exist or prescribe anxiolytic medication.

Anxiolytic medication, such as Xanax, Valium, Diazepam, will reduce your anxiety. It is very effective in reducing anxiety, but it has side effects, and if you use it for more than 2 weeks, you become dependent, and it won’t help you at all, and you will have to take Xanax for the rest of your life. So, it is very important to try the 10 rules that I will tell you right away.

And if you wonder why your psychiatrist didn’t recommend the 10 rules, it’s because most people take the easier path, and most people will not follow these rules. They will take these recommendations from their doctor and go home and suffer from anxiety. Doctors have preferred not to recommend natural things and to give exactly what works to solve a case quickly, but maybe you are not such a case, and maybe you want to follow these tips.

All 10 recommendations are taken from the book „The End of Mental Illness,” written by a certified psychiatrist in the United States. But let’s get back to the 10 rules.

  1. Don’t worry about your blood sugar. When blood sugar drops, your anxiety increases because you know you don’t have food, you need to hunt for food, and it becomes anxious, but you have nothing to hunt. You have nothing to run after to consume that anxiety. You sit at your desk, have hypoglycemia, and have anxiety that you can’t control. For example, if you eat a pretzel on an empty stomach, your blood sugar rises, a lot of insulin is secreted, and my blood sugar is bottomed out. When I have hypoglycemia, I have tachycardia. My heart beats fast, I’m nervous, anxious, and hungry. Be careful to eat things that keep your blood sugar steady.
  2. The second thing to check if you have anxiety is whether you have anemia. A simple blood count and interpreted by a doctor who knows how to read this blood count can indicate that you have too few red blood cells, too little hemoglobin, and thus your body is not oxygenated properly. Anemia can show signs of anxiety, so it is more logical to correct that anemia first before taking anxiolytics.
  3. Iron deficiency. This is the most common cause of anemia. It can happen for many reasons: you may have iron malabsorption, your body absorbs insufficient iron from food, or you don’t eat iron-containing foods, animal and plant-based foods. Vegetables and fruits contain iron. If the iron in meat is much more bioavailable, it is absorbed 10 to 15 times faster and better than the iron in vegetables and fruits. Another cause that is in women, of course, is menstruation. If it is abundant, you lose a lot of blood, and your body does not have enough iron to replenish the blood you have lost. A good doctor can tell if you have an iron deficiency after a simple blood count, the simplest analysis. It costs 15 RON – 20 RON, at any laboratory. Blood is taken, and the analysis shows you practically the number of red blood cells, cells that carry hemoglobin. The concentration of hemoglobin shows you the size of those red blood cells that can be too large or too small in certain types of iron deficiencies. It shows you the concentration of hemoglobin, and a simple blood count can tell you that you have an iron deficiency anemia, and all you have to do is take the supplements your doctor recommends. Iron supplements to correct that Iron Deficiency. Thus, you correct your anemia, and you get rid of anxiety if anxiety is caused by this iron deficiency. We are talking about hypothyroidism, which I think is the most common and undiagnosed endocrine pathology when the thyroid gland no longer produces enough thyroid hormones. There are many causes here, and we don’t have time to get into these causes and how they can be corrected, but the idea is that when the gland does not produce thyroid hormones, your brain secretes a hormone called tech that stimulates the thyroid. It would be a shame to have hypothyroidism, to have few thyroid hormones leading to anxiety, and you treat anxiety with anxiolytics instead of treating the cause of anxiety.
  4. A frequent cause of anxiety is too much processed food, and here the mechanisms are extremely complex. But, in principle, by eating processed food, we no longer eat nutritious food, and most often, people who consume processed food and go into overweight or obesity are most often malnourished, that is, they are large in weight but have few essential nutrients. So when you consume processed food, you practically don’t eat the food that nourishes you, and malnutrition can give you symptoms of anxiety. If the first 5 points have been resolved and have not helped you, you can go for 6, which is a bit more laborious because you have to remove certain foods from your diet. Certain foods can negatively interfere with your microbiome and can predispose you to substances that create that anxiety. So we want to look for those substances and completely remove them from your diet.
  5. We talk about artificial colors. Try for a week to eat food that has no artificial colors. If that doesn’t help you, try eliminating aspartame or other sweeteners because it has been shown that they interfere with your microbiome, that is, the microbes in the intestine. Indeed, we have studies where animals were given large doses of sweeteners

, and it was shown that those large doses significantly reduce the quality of the microbiome, but that means that even the small doses we consume. For example, in a bottle of Coke zero, those small doses can interfere not so much, but enough to see a difference in your stool, but enough to have a certain anxiety. Another food you can completely remove is gluten, which is contained in flour, wheat flour, rye flour, rice, wheat flour has gluten, rye flour and rice. It has another protein that looks like gluten that your body can confuse with an invader and begins to attack. In practice, it makes an immunity against this gluten. Then your intestine starts to become too permeable, and being too permeable, all kinds of toxins that should not penetrate the blood, penetrate the blood, reach the brain. There is also described a phenomenon in which from gluten, an exorphin is formed, which is similar to our endorphins, hormones that make us feel good. Those exorphins make us feel bad, and they can be absorbed when we have this celiac disease or gluten sensitivity. So we can try to get rid of artificial colors, sweeteners, gluten, or away from other foods that we suspect may harm us, even if that hasn’t helped either, then, for a month, don’t eat simple sugars or anything that means bread, rice.

  1. Meditation. You can do this from the beginning, and even if you don’t have anxiety. It is a kind of anxiety prevention exercise. Meditate or pray daily. The prayer you do at church is a form of meditation in which we connect to something supreme to something much stronger, and meditation, prayer, or breathing exercises have no adverse effects and can effectively calm anxiety.
  2. Breathing exercise. It’s about the 4-4-8 rule, namely: 4 seconds inhale, 4 seconds hold your breath, 8 seconds exhale. And do this 10 times in the morning and 10 times in the evening. It is an exercise that takes the place of meditation and is an exercise that relaxes you mentally.
  3. Balanced lifestyle. A balanced life is what lifestyle means. Try to reduce alcohol consumption, as it can increase anxiety, don’t stay in artificial light, do physical exercises, and all these will keep you in some routine that will greatly reduce your anxiety.

If you go through all these 10 points, you have an 80-90 percent chance of getting rid of anxiety or managing it without suffering.

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